Yu Wei makes books and whispers stories through visual approaches. She is always wandering, reading, drawing, printmaking, photographing, writing, and brewing coffee or tea. 

Based in Chicago & Be
ijing, floating in the cosmos.

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granular*1 still point
may 2021

Edition of 100

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Collected by Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
granular* is a periodical

granular* is bilingual

granular* portrays the passage of time

granular* is irregular

granular* is endless

granular* is grain

granular* is personal

granular* perceives

granular* thinks

granular* explores

granular* narrates

granular* sometimes gets lost

granular* observes

granular* breathes

granular* whispers

granular* wanders

granular* is loosely connected

granular* sparkles in a moment

granular* matters

granular* is an isle