Yu Wei makes books and whispers stories through visual approaches. She is always wandering, reading, drawing, printmaking, photographing, and writing. 

Based in Chicago & Beijing, meanwhile floating in the cosmos.

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granular*1 still point
may 2021

Edition of 100

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Collected by Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
granular* is a periodical

granular* is bilingual

granular* portrays the passage of time

granular* is irregular

granular* is endless

granular* is grain

granular* is personal

granular* perceives

granular* thinks

granular* explores

granular* narrates

granular* sometimes gets lost

granular* observes

granular* breathes

granular* whispers

granular* wanders

granular* is loosely connected

granular* sparkles in a moment

granular* matters

granular* is an isle


NOV 2019 - MAR 2021
riso-printed book,
ceramic sculpture

Edition of 50

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Collected by Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
A visual fiction about the historical narrative of lunar in the future.

What adventure down there awaits its end?

What adventure down there awaits its end?
mar - dec 2020
riso-printed book

Collected by Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
“I started adventuring in my dreams.”

Since March 2020, the quarantine began, I started having bizarre dreams and I documented all of them. Staying in my apartment all day, and get on an adventure almost every night. The state of reality and dream blurred, even reversed. I lost my life in reality but lived another life in my dream.

This riso-printed book including 29 pastel drawings that depict scenes from my dreams, echoing with a complete cycle of lunar phases. An adjective with its Chinese definition is given to each drawing, I chose to write the caption in Chinese where I felt private and intimate. The folding pages intimate what a day looks like, the day as plain as the subtle image of my bed-sheet and the night as vivid as the dream drawings.


since 2019
coffee shop

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A coffee shop, serves some of the most gorgeous compositions.

People can choose random lines for a HAIKU based on their coffee preference, e.g. medium roasted/ dark roasted, vanilla/ cinnamon, soft/ bitter. The given texts are from weather reports, NASA posts, fiction briefs, NYTimes opinions, THE NEW YORKER crosswords, and poetry titles.


jun 2019
BFA thesis

The square, as a place with special meaning, carrying numerous historical events silently. These historical events alienating the individuals because of the special nature of the square. 5 concepts, civilization, archive, order, celebration, and resistance as the extension of the square, in association with the daily acts, rebuild the bond between the individuals and the square. Things should be remembered.